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The Scotland Travel Guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to planning your trip to Scotland, with information on the best travel options available. If you only have one day, we'll share some of our best activities in Edinburgh, even if you don't. There are day tickets (about $20) for tourists in Edinburgh and Scotland. The buses used to visit the various attractions of Edinburgh are listed below in our Edinburgh & Scotland guide.

The main discount pass is the Royal Edinburgh Ticket, and it's great value for money if you want to visit sights such as Edinburgh Castle, St George's Park, the National Museum of Scotland or the Scottish Parliament. If you are planning to spend more time in Scotland and enjoy some of the historic sites, read our guide to the best tourist attractions in Edinburgh and Scotland for more information. Edinburgh Castle is one of the attractions included in the Royal Edinburgh Ticket and is also the most popular tourist attraction for tourists with a day pass (about $20).

If you have a bit of culture on your list, visit the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. For more tips on planning your trip to Edinburgh, visit the Edinburgh City Tourism website. You will find lots of information about the city's attractions as well as our guide to some of Scotland's most popular tourist attractions. If you are travelling to Scotland, you can plan the rest of your trip to and from Scotland in our Edinburgh travel guide.

If you really want to explore local history, one of the best things to do in Edinburgh is to visit the National Museum of Scotland and the Royal Botanic Garden in Glasgow.

Read our review of Edinburgh Castle: Things to Know for more information on how to get the best experience at Edinburgh Castle. Discover the incredible things Edinburgh has to offer - walk through the history of Scotland at the National Museum of Scottish and be enchanted by the stunning paintings and sculptures of the Royal Botanic Garden. Read on to explore the city of Edinburgh with our luxury guide and learn more about Edinburgh's great restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants.

If you want to see it all, you have to find the Contiki tour of Europe and read our guide to Scotland from London to Edinburgh, either alone or looking for a party. If you're travelling to Scotland, you should not miss a trip through Scotland and enjoy 2 days in Edinburgh with our Edinburgh Day Tour Guide and Edinburgh Road Trip Route. And if you're planning a day trip from Edinburgh, we've listed 15 Edinburgh day trip ideas for you.

While exploring Edinburgh, try a day on the Isle of Skye and a day trip to one of Scotland's most beautiful places. While Edinburgh can enjoy year-round, some places like the Isle of Skye are best visited in summer.

Edinburgh can also be used to explore the surrounding areas and regions of Scotland, and there are some excellent day trips you can make. Stirling Castle is the filming location for Harry Potter and a great place to travel north-west from Edinburgh. If you're in Scotland for a while, join Historic Scotland for a 12-month day trip to one of the most beautiful places in the country - the Isle of Skye.

The Edinburgh City Pass gives access to 23 attractions and tours, including the Edinburgh Dungeon, the Zoo and Scott's Monument, as well as a number of other attractions in the city.

It also includes Loch Lomond and a stop at Kelpies (read our review) and provides access to a number of other attractions and tours in the city, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens. It also offers an outdoor day tour of Glasgow with stops in Stirling, Glasgow City Hall and Glasgow Castle, as well as a visit to the Scottish Museum.

Make sure you find the best time to visit Scotland to start planning your trip and how to plan your trip to Scotland in the first place. If you have your suggested itinerary and your favourite destinations - the well-trodden paths - in mind, let us plan your own Scottish Highlands itineraries. If you are planning a similar adventure or would like to travel to Scotland yourself, please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Scottish food and traditional Scottish food to try during your stay in Edinburgh, as well as all the wonderful sights and museums to visit, will also make you want to check out our must-see - a guide to Edinburgh's most popular restaurants and bars.

If you're not a whisky fan, Edinburgh also has some great gin distilleries, and you might even be tempted to visit one for convenience. Pickerings Edinburgh Gin runs tours and tastings, so if you want to experience one of the best gins in Edinburgh, you can do so with a tour of the distillery and tasting.

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