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Scotland has a long history of producing many popular sports, but historically we have nothing more fascinating than glory. Canadian ice hockey began when the Scottish immigrant population of Nova Scotia adapted the Shinzys "game for the on-ice game.

There is also a strong professional sporting landscape in Scotland, with Hibs and Heart leading the Scottish Premier League. Edinburgh University is also a popular destination for amateur athletes north of the border. Scottish football and many of Scotland's most famous football teams, such as Celtic and Rangers, play in clubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, St Andrews and Glasgow City, as well as Edinburgh City.

Rugby fans should check out the list of Six Nations rugby matches scheduled in Edinburgh during their visit. Among the major Six Nations matches is the Calcutta Cup, hosted by the Scottish Rugby Union, with England and Scotland competing for the prestigious trophy. For those who prefer to play the beautiful game rather than watch it, Edinburgh has a wide range of sports facilities where you can enjoy a variety of sports such as football, rugby, basketball, tennis, golf and cycling. If you want to see one of the world's most famous sporting events, the Highland Games, take a day trip to Edinburgh and see it all.

The official ATP tournament is one of the most important British tournaments to be played against England, and there is an official tennis tournament in Edinburgh. Recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running sports television programme in the world, ITV1 "s Border Scotland programme is home to Scotland's most popular sports programme, Sportsound. There is the comedy "The Ball," which features a variety of sports including football, rugby, basketball, tennis, golf and cycling, as well as a wide range of live sporting events and hosts the Scottish National Football League final.

Gaelic football is also played in Scotland and the game is shown in Irish pubs across the country and on television in the UK and Ireland.

Rugby union is most popular in the Borders region, where it is widespread, but this is not the only area in Scotland where rugby is most popular - popular sport as Scotland does not have an umbrella body. It is managed by Cricket Scotland and rugby has a long history of being practiced in a similar way to other sports in Scotland, such as football and cricket. The greatest evidence of football's tradition as a game comes from the south of Scotland, particularly from the Scottish borders and elsewhere in Scotland.

The governing body is the Inverness-based Scottish Football Association (SCA) and Comunn Cymru, the national association of football clubs in Scotland.

The league is still strong, with the likes of Glasgow Warriors and Leinster competing in the Guinness Pro 14. When you have the chance to play against them, go to the national stadium and enjoy the atmosphere. The games will be held at the Scottish Football Stadium in Glasgow, home of Scottish football club Glasgow Rangers.

Rugby League is managed by the Scottish Rugby League, the national governing body of Scottish rugby league. The first ever international rugby match was Scotland's first match against England, which took place on March 27, 1871. Scotland have also played in the World Cup, beating England twice, once in Glasgow and once in London. Although the international team did not play in front of more than 1.5 million spectators until 1996, when they beat Ireland 6-26 in Dublin.

The oldest continuous rugby tournament in the world was first held in 1858, and the Edinburgh Academy was involved in the first international rugby match between Scotland and England, in which a team representing England met the Scotland national team and Scotland won. Edinburgh also saw the establishment of one of Scotland's first established golf clubs, the Gentleman's Golfers of Leith, which later became known as the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.

Hibs responded by becoming a major force in Scottish football in the 1880s, winning the Scottish Cup in 1887 and becoming the first club on Scotland's east coast to do just that. A major boost for rugby league in Scotland will come in 2018 when the Rugby League Challenge Cup final is moved to Murrayfield in Edinburgh. The first officially sanctioned international tournament of its kind in Europe will take place at the end of this year with a match between Scotland and England at Old Trafford.

Scotland's influence in sport around the world continues as it plays a key role in the development of rugby, rugby union and football. In our collection you will find a large amount of sports equipment, especially Scottish sports.

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