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Every August, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes over the Scottish capital, turning it into an exciting week - a long celebration of all that the world has to offer. The three-day festival is widely regarded as Scotland's largest free music festival and has become a highly anticipated part of the festival calendar. There is also a wide range of events for children, young people and adults, and there will be plenty of live music and activities to keep you entertained.

When you travel around Scotland, the iconic bagpipe sound will fill the air and it is likely that you will hear the parade of bagpipers before you see them. There is also the opportunity to listen to traditional music on the streets of many Scottish cities, with buskers entertaining the crowds with rousing renditions of traditional songs such as the Scottish National Anthem. In the streets you'll find the bagpipes that entertain passers-by - and there are plenty of other pubs along the Royal Mile where you might find folk music.

Here is a list of local artists you might see performing at venues in Edinburgh, and we are always looking for great events, concerts and festivals to add to that list. If you know about Scottish festivals, just email us and let us know - we're sure to inspire you on your next trip to the Bonnie Nation! To find out more about the upcoming Scottish concerts, visit our website, where you can search for "A" to find all the "Scottish concerts" taking place in the UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the rest of the world.

In addition to the list of events featured in our Scotland Guide, we have also shortlisted some of the best Scottish events in the UK, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the rest of Europe. DVD program guide with features like the mountains of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle and more!

While other festivals get into gear in August, the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival is creeping up on us and is being held in conjunction with the Edinburgh International Festival this month. It's a city - a great range of the best jazz, blues, hip hop and other genres in the world. This eclectic line-up welcomes you to the heart of the city, where dreams of all ages are dreamed, and there is a wide range of music from the best in the UK, Northern Ireland, Wales and Europe.

In fact, there are so many Scottish music festivals in the country and the islands that we've had to narrow down the shortlist, which is just growing. Scottish and Irish folk music are similar in some ways, but the emigration from Scotland over several centuries has led to echoes of traditional Scottish music being found in many different parts of the world. The Tartan Heart Festival is as Scottish as they come and there is a Gaelic tradition that comes from Ireland.

The Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival brings some of the best jazz musicians from around the world to Scotland, and other cities such as Glasgow and Dundee are increasingly hosting international jazz festivals. The Edinburgh International Harp Festival, which recently brought the largest number of harp players on stage at the same time, includes some notable events. Scotland's Guide covers all events at Scottish venues, from theatre performances to sporting events, concerts and film screenings. This guide covers everything from music festivals to festivals of all kinds and events for children and young people.

There is a chance that Edinburgh will have a festival of music, film, science and visual arts. This guide includes a list of activities in Edinburgh, including music festivals, arts and cultural events, concerts and events for children and young people.

Generally, musicians can be expected to play Celtic melodies and sets that originated in Scotland, Ireland and further afield. Some are more conventional concerts, which means you may need to book to get a taste of the oak's charm.

Scottish dance recordings, accompanied by some of the most popular Scottish songs such as the famous Celtic Ballad and the Highlands Dance. See if the evening comes to life with an evening of Celtic music in the heart of Glasgow's Highland Music Hall.

Current merchandise is sold out, but includes a limited collection of the most popular Celtic music of all time from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Story of Scottish Pop, on view at the National Museum of Scotland until 25 November, and there are plenty of memorabilia. There is also a long-neglected but recently restored Leith Theatre, the former home of the Scottish National Orchestra, which will be hosting rock, pop, folk and indie bands during the Edinburgh International Festival. It is a chance to be part of one of the most popular music festivals of all time, with a special focus on the history of music in Scotland.

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