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I have lived in Edinburgh for over a year and a half and have had countless visits from friends in Edinburgh, so I decided to create this post to help you decide where to stay in Edinburgh. The Inn on the Mile may be the most popular of all the hotels and bed and breakfasts in Glasgow, but it's not necessarily the only one. Like many other Edinburgh guest houses, breakfast is included in the room rate. In this post I would like to introduce you to the 10 best and most affordable hotels in Scotland that have been recommended by locals and where I have stayed.

This cool and unique Edinburgh hotel also houses the Huxley Bar, which serves fine burgers and filling dishes, and Kyloe Restaurant, which serves many, many Scottish steaks. Art fans will love it here, as Edinburgh is home to five Scottish national galleries, including the National Gallery of Art, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Museum of Modern Art in Edinburgh. Equally impressive are the city's many museums, including the National Museum of Scotland, the Royal Museum of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh Art Gallery.

Many of the rooms offer views of Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Albert Hall, and the National Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden are within walking distance. Express trains, buses, trains and trains to and from the city centre, as well as trains from Glasgow, Glasgow Airport, Edinburgh Airport and Glasgow International Airport are operating.

Located on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, the Agadio Aparthotel is within walking distance of the Royal Albert Hall and the National Museum of Scotland, and conveniently located near Waverley Station. It is also within walking distance of Holyrood Palace, which is within walking distance of the nearby Royal Botanic Garden or the Palace of Westminster, the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh City Hall.

This is obviously the best location in Edinburgh, but avoid the Cowgate area if you want to hear drunken people screaming right outside your window. If you're lucky enough to explore Edinburgh by public transport, you'll love your accommodation. Consider the Adagio Edinburgh Aparthotel on the Royal Mile, where you can enjoy luxurious surroundings while enjoying all that Edinburgh has to offer. You can also behave in Edinburgh in the park, which offers a nice walk for your pet.

If you arrange your visit correctly, you will find that the room is quiet, but nevertheless pleasant and weathered. Edinburgh is very busy in August and is the focus of major international festivals, so it is a great place to stay during the summer months.

The weather in Edinburgh is good in summer, you can dress warm, but in winter you can go and enjoy your visit. The list goes on and on, so hopefully the affordable hotels in Edinburgh will be enough to make a decision. Be sure to read this review and make sure you visit Edinburgh at short notice and look for a good, affordable hotel and guesthouse in and around Edinburgh.

If you are looking for long term accommodation, it is easy to find, especially if you are coming from Glasgow or other parts of the UK. You can easily walk to any hotel or guest house in the city centre or even walk from the airport to the nearest Glasgow hotel. Scottish hotels, where he describes his struggle to find a clean apartment in Edinburgh, as well as his experiences with accommodation in other cities.

Edinburgh's historic Old Town is easy to explore and many attractions are within easy reach. Take the Edinburgh Dungeon Tour and enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline from Arthur's Seat. I also recommend visiting the best hotels in Scotland to find out about some of their best finds in Scotland.

re in town for a day, weekend or longer, rest assured that Fraser Suites will take care of everything as soon as you walk through the door, making your stay a highlight of your visit to the city. Staying at FraserSuites Edinburgh is guaranteed to be the perfect experience from start to finish, whether you're travelling during the day or at the weekend.

You can visit natural beauties outside of Edinburgh, but the best places to explore Edinburgh are the Old Town and the Royal Mile.

There are many buses that could take you there, but there is no need to walk to Edinburgh's main street, Princes Street. This means you are right in the heart of the city, within walking distance of Edinburgh University and the festivals. There is a good chance that you will be walking to one of Scotland's most popular tourist attractions, the Royal Mile, within minutes.

There is plenty to do during your stay in Edinburgh, but you may want to get out of the city for a while. You can stay at either the Hilton Edinburgh Airport, which offers a free shuttle service from the airport terminal, or the Holiday Inn Express at Edinburgh Airport, which charges a small fee for the transfer. If you want to rent a car or advise you which one to rent when exploring the area, we recommend you visit our online partner Rentalcars.

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