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I # I have written a lot about visiting the city, but today I would like to share some ideas for what to do in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the winter. Since most Scotland travellers spend time in the capital, I wanted to recommend some fun and unusual things to do in and around Edinburgh in winter, no matter what time of year you are in.

This article contains some of the things to see and do in Edinburgh - and not to be missed. If you want to know more about Edinburgh, Scotland and its attractions, read on and you will see some great ideas.

For more ideas on what to do in Edinburgh, check out our Edinburgh guide, which covers everything from hidden gems to the most popular tourist attractions and even some off-the-beaten-track attractions. Check out this page about Edinburgh and Scotland to give you some ideas on how to spend your time in this beautiful part of the world. For more information on the best experiences at Edinburgh Castle, read our review about it and things you should know about it, as well as our review of the best hotels and hotels in Scotland and how to get a good experience from it. And in a few weeks you can see our guide for two days in and around Edinburgh - and some of our ideas of what you can do while visiting Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, we haven't included too many of Edinburgh's sights, but if you want to visit Edinburgh Castle or Craigmillar Castle one day, it might work better than going on a trip to Scotland.

To help you plan your visit, below is a full guide to the best activities in Edinburgh that will help you decide what to do. Do you have any other attractions you would add to our list of TopThings - to - do - in - Edinburgh? Below are some of the best views and photos of Edinburgh and Scotland that have helped us decide where to stay, including hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, museums, parks and other tourist attractions in Scotland.

This is an excellent day trip that takes you from Edinburgh Castle to Arthur's Seat via the Royal Mile and so many other great attractions such as Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House. This route combines a number of interesting things to do along the way, such as the location where Harry Potter was filmed. It will take you through the heart of the city, from the Old Town to the Scottish Parliament building, and take you to a host of other interesting sites and attractions - including Edinburgh Castle and Holyroods House!

There are more unusual things to do, but you won't be faced with hordes of selfie sticks, the swinging, tip-tok-obsessed tourists you'll find near Edinburgh Castle. The best place to visit Edinburgh is the Old Town, which runs along the Royal Mile. This will give you some shelter and a good time, but don't forget to spend a sunny afternoon in Edinburgh and enjoy the beautiful view of Edinburgh Castle.

This is truly one of the best things to do in Edinburgh if you want to explore local history. This museum highlights the history of Edinburgh and Scotland and offers a wealth of fascinating information about the human body. If you think Edinburgh is the right place for a day trip to Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, this green space is a fantastic escape from the crowds around Edinburgh Castle. It is not only a great place for hiking, but also for unusual things like hiking or cycling.

The National Museum of Scotland has a huge collection of artifacts and exhibits that bring together the history of Edinburgh, Scotland and its history, as well as the modern era. If your children love museums, this is free and perfect for them as it is the only museum in the UK where children under 12 years of age can enter free.

When the Royal Family visits Edinburgh, they use Holyrood Palace as their official residence, and it is usually simply referred to as "Holyrood's Palace." Learn more about the history of the Palace of Scotland and its use as a royal residence when you visit it. This includes the history of being home to Queen Elizabeth II and her family and her husband, King George VI.

One of my favourite places in Edinburgh is the rooftop of the National Museum of Scotland. Surrounded by the Scottish National Gallery, the gardens are the perfect place to admire the splendour of Edinburgh Castle. You can also walk along the Royal Mile to the top of Castle Hill for spectacular views over the city.

Arthur's seat is the highest point in Holyrood Park and you can climb it to burn a few calories (and some Scottish food) while enjoying a wonderful view of Edinburgh and the Lothians. You have great views of the city centre, the Royal Mile and even the National Gallery of Scotland. To see the beautiful panorama of Glasgow, you have to climb the striking hill in Edinburgh city centre, which divides it into two parts, to see it from above. On a free visit and a climbing tour, we can visit Edinburgh City Hall, Edinburgh Castle and many of Scotland's most famous landmarks from top to bottom, as well as Edinburgh Cathedral.

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